MILLBROOK     NEWS     8/15/2018

**There's a LOT that's new, check Facebook for latest updates.

** Newest boat in the line-up is the "20/20". think of it as a longer Blink. 10'4" long.  Pics on Facebook.

**Official Millbrook hats in stock now. $11 each. Space age design!

** The OUTRAGE, originally built by MRC, designed by Jim Henry and Tom Foster is available now in composite.

** The BLINK, designed by Michael Bolton, is now being made. Check the Solo Canoe page for more info.

** The SHACHO is now available. 10'11" long, 27.5" wide, 15.75" deep. More pictures on the Millbrook Boats Facebook page.

** The RAYGE is now available. An OC-1 designed by Ray Ingram. 11'1" long, 26.5" wide in the waterline, 16" deep.

** 2018 marks Millbrook Boat's 47th year in business! The original owner was John Berry.

** Now available......“THIS IS CANOEING” is a 2-disc celebration of canoeing, showcasing top single-blade paddlers in their pursuit of remote wilderness journeys or challenging white water. Multi-award winning film maker, Justine Curgenven captures the essence of canoeing in 12 short films. From open canoe slalom races to 1,000 mile birchbark expeditions, Justine provides insights into the diversity of the sport and the influential people who tell it’s story. Immerse yourself in this globe-trotting 3 hours of adventure to world class canoeing destinations in Canada, the United States, Scotland & Wales. Innovatively filmed with headcams and on-board cameras to take you to the heart of the action.

The price is $29.95US, and includes FREE shipping in the US and Canada. Amazingly, when you buy the DVD, you also receive a FREE one-year on-line subscription to ‘Canoeroots’ magazine AND ‘Rapid’ magazine, worth $19.95. This FREE shipping offer is only through Millbrook Boats. sales tax in NH. You may use PAYPAL or send a check or money order to Millbrook Boats at the address shown on this website. PAYPAL will convert non-U.S. funds at your time of payment.


Filmed in Canada (Algonquin Provincial Park, ON; Mountain River, NWT, Lac Vert, QC), USA (Wausau, WI; Moose River, NY; Boundary Waters, MN), Wales (Lake Bala, River Dee), Scotland (Rannoch Moor, Skye)
. For previews click HERE.

** Official Millbrook T-shirts and tank-tops for sale. Cool logo on front and back. Various colors and sizes. $17.00 each, includes free shipping in the USA. Best t-shirt deal going!

 ** I prefer a personal check or money order from U.S. customers,  however, I do accept PAYPAL. Paypal will convert non US funds into US funds.

** Boat prices increase modestly a couple times a year due to the cost of my materials going up. Most of everything I use is petroleum based. I like to think that I offer an extremely strong, lightweight boat at a very reasonable price. If it seems like my prices are high, please compare them to any other manufacturer in the world. You will find out that I am cheap! For what you get in my standard lay-up, you can't beat the price. If you are curious as to what the exact laminate schedule for the standard lay-up is, just ask, I'd be glad to tell you. Any manufacturer that won't tell you the exact lay-up of your boat, has something to hide.

**Tom Foster's DVD about solo open canoeing now available. Click HERE to read reviews. Purchase from Millbrook Boats for $23 U.S.dollars. Also available is Tom's companion book - "Catch Every Eddy-Surf Every Wave" for $16.95. Purchase both for $35 U.S.dollars. You may use PAYPAL or send a check or money order to Millbrook Boats at the address shown on this website. PAYPAL will convert non-U.S. funds at your time of payment. Prices shown include free shipping to individuals in the lower 48.

**Attention A.C.A. members: If you want to save $10 on your annual membership dues click HERE for more info.