Millbrook Boats
5 Barrus Rd.
Richmond, N.H., 03470

Millbrook Boats has been a source of custom whitewater canoes since 1959. The founder, John Berry, was highly instrumental in the early stages of decked canoe and open canoe development. He began offering his canoes for resale in 1965 as "MAD RIVER CANOE AND KAYAK BY JOHN BERRY". In 1971 he changed the name to " MILLBROOK BOATS", as Jim Henry had earlier registered the name "MAD RIVER CANOE". In 1975, Millbrook Boats moved from the Mill Brook in Waitsfield, VT to the Hudson River in Riparius, NY. There, John designed his first open canoes such as the Flasher, the Flashback, the M.E., the AC/DC, etc. In 1988, John Berry sold the business to John Kazimierczyk, who continues the Millbrook legacy of innovative light-weight designs, custom made for today's cutting edge playboater, racer, and for anyone desiring to paddle a lightweight boat. "Kaz" has been paddling whitewater since 1976. He learned to roll an open canoe long before he knew it was invented by someone else. He also holds over 125 1st place National Championship titles in various paddling disciplines which include slalom, downriver, and marathon..



A personal note from the web-co-author:

I've known "Kaz" for more than 20 years, always marveling at his paddling and his good humor.  He's been National Champion in solo and tandem boats (always his own designs) more times than I can remember, but you'd never know it from talking to him.  He just loves to paddle!  His boats are well made - and the biggest bargain you'll find anywhere.  I should know - I've got four of them!   -- Bob Putnam