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CUSTOM BOAT CONSTRUCTION: All boats are custom built to order for the individual, there are no boats in stock. There are no dealers or retail stores carrying my canoes. All boats are laminated from a combination of  S type fiberglass, which is stronger than E type, and Kevlar fabrics, using a high quality Vinylester resin for superior strength and durability. I use a pigmented skin layer (first fiberglass layer) for color, rather than a gel coat, to keep weight down. Usually the pigment color bleeds through into the Kevlar layers which are vacuum bagged. When this happens I know that there is a good mechanical and chemical bond throughout the lay-up. If you don't like the look of this, you can paint the interior of your boat  with an exterior latex paint. The color gray looks nice on the inside.

My standard layup is listed below but each boat can be customized to meet the needs of its owner. Prices shown are for standard layup, solid colors, or multi-colors.

BUSINESS HOURS: Monday - Friday. Please do not call before 8:00 AM or after 7:00 PM, New Hampshire time. E-mail, call, or write if you have any questions. It's usually best to reach me by e-mail.

TERMS: A deposit of approximately 50% of the total cost of the boat is due with your order; the remainder to be paid before or upon delivery. Your boat will not be started until your deposit is received. Also, your boat will not be shipped until final payment is received. Prices shown are for standard lay up. Other lay-ups are available. All prices and policies are subject to change without notice. There is no guarantee that I can match your color choice exactly. Also, if I give you an "estimated" completion date of July 1st, for example, there is no guarantee that your boat will be ready on July 1st. Things happen. I like to go paddling too!
MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE to John Kazimierczyk, or Millbrook Boats. No other combinations of these words will be accepted. If I have to return your check because the bank won't cash it, there will be a delay in starting your boat. There will be a $25.00 service charge for "bounced" checks.
  I prefer being paid with a check or money order. For my international customers, a wire transfer from a bank works fine.
FOR OPEN CANOES - Your choice of color.
  • Various combination of 6 oz. S-glass,  5 oz. Kevlar.
  • Carbon, S glass, Kevlar waterline reinforcements.
  • Extra material in high wear areas.
  • Gunwales are 5/8" X 3/4" ash. Grab loops and fiberglass/Kevlar deckplates are standard.
  • Ash thwarts.
  • Advertised weight will vary by 1 to 3 lbs. All canoe models have a 15" center depth unless otherwise stated. An * on the price list indicates vacuum bagged  construction.
FOR DECKED CANOES  - Your choice of colors.
  • Deck - Combination of S-glass, Kevlar.
  • Hull -  Combination of S-glass, Kevlar.
  • Additional reinforcements:  Minicell saddle included in C-1,2's, rigid foam walls, glassed in rim, grab loops,  Kevlar inside seams,  Kevlar and or glass outside seams done with epoxy resin.
  •  An * on the price list indicates vacuum bagged construction.
ALSO: Prices shown for open canoes do not include seats, pedestals, or any other outfitting. Many people prefer to install their own outfitting. However, if provided with adequate measurements, I can install cane or webbed seats, or minicell foam pedestals, and thigh strap anchor points at extra cost.
1 cane seat plus installation is $40.
1 minicell pedestal, a pair of padded, double thigh straps, knee pads, hip blocks, and float bag cages is $300. These prices include installation.                       
For a complete "gunwale job", which includes removing all old wood and decks, and installing new ash gunwales and thwarts, and fiberglass decks is $300
Canoe maintenance: I recommend applying an exterior oil to the gunwales at least once a year. A product such as Watco or Behr's works fine. Don't store your boat in the direct sun. Also, applying a quality car wax to the hull once or twice a year will help protect it against UV damage. A composite boat that is taken care of will last at least 35 years.
See the Accessories page for info about other products. You will receive a firm price quote on your particular boat and any custom work when I acknowledge your order. Boats can be shipped by truck, usually Old Dominion, unless you have another preference. Your boat will be shipped to the nearest OD terminal serving your zip code or a business address. Residential delivery adds $75 to the cost, but can be done if you wish. I also ship internationally either by ship or plane. I charge $35 for packaging materials for domestic shipments on my end. You will be responsible for the freight charges that I prepay, before I ship your boat.

Overseas Shipping: If shipping overseas I must custom build a wooden crate, and will charge accordingly, $125 for the crate, plus the associated overseas shipping charges. You will also have to pay duties and customs when you pick up your boat. I can get at least 2 canoes into one crate.

Thank you,
 John Kazimierczyk